Adhesives and Chemical Products for Other Purposes

bookbinding adhesivesAdhesives for bookbinding and graphics industry

The portfolio includes both, hot melt adhesives, as well as liquid water-based adhesives for the needs of bookbinding.

Rubber adhesives

The Helios Kemostik product range includes adhesives that offer perfect characteristics for conveyor belts, rubber boats and adhesives for vulcanization.

Adhesives for bonding insulation

For bonding insulation there are one and two-component adhesives with the brand name Neostik and Metacoll, for gluing foam insulation, rock wool, polystyrene and styrodur to various substrates such as metal, wood etc. Their difference lies in the open time, drying speed, binding and viscosity.

Adhesives for cigarettes

This program consists of the PLASTIKOL adhesives, which are ideal for cigarette manufacturers in the tobacco industry.

Adhesives for strapping and textileAdhesives for strapping and textile

This product range consists of hot melts and PVAC water-based adhesives for laminating straps for different purposes.

Adhesives and auxiliary products for other purposes

The product portfolio includes cyanoacrylate adhesives for a wide variety of demanding bondings in the industry, two-component epoxy adhesives of various density/thickness and open times, adhesives for PVC, as well as all kinds of cleaners and thinners for adhesives.