Food Starches

Native food starches

Native food starches satisfy the demands of different producers in the food industry, such as meat processing industry, confectionery, baking and dairy industries. They are obtained from sources like corn, wheat, and potato, native starches are generally used as thickeners and binders as well as for improving the texture. DOMOFIX W is native starch obtained from wheat. It can be used as an additive to flour for preparing different confectionery products, biscuits and cakes. DOMOFIX K is native starch obtained from corn, while DOMOFIX SUPERIOR is native starch obtained from potatoes. Both can be used as thickeners and binding agents.

Modified starches

Modified starches are produced by a dry or wet process, by physical, enzymatic or chemical treatment. With the modification of starches, the physicochemical characteristics of cooked solutions change and thus become suitable for use in demanding new technologies for the production of food products.

We offer the following modified starches:

  • Cook-up modified starches and
  • Cold water hydration starches

Cook-up modified starches, such as Amilogel G, Amilogel MVK and Amilogel HPW are primarily thickeners with various additional properties. Amilogel OK is used as a gelling and binding agent and as a filler, while the Domofix WS is used as the substrate sprinkle in the production of pastries, Amilogel KPK in the production of sweets.

Cold water hydration starches are based on corn and potato starch. Our products such as Amilogel K, Amilogel PDP and Amilogel P act as thickeners, binders and as substances for improving the texture in different food products.

Other products for the food industry

For users in the field of food industry we also offer gluten V and VT – wheat proteins, which are used to improve and control the quality of various types of flour, Amilogel 13/1 and Guar Gum as binders and thickening agents and Amilogel CAR that acts as a thickener and a stabilizer. For users in the field of bakery we offer a wide variety of special types of flours DENUTRIN, made from wheat, corn, oats, spelt and buckwheat.

Additives for the food industry

Users from the food industry can also use our additives, such as various dextrose and fructose sugars, glucose syrups in liquid and dry form, maltodextrin, sodium pyrophosphate, monosodium glutamate, baking soda and substances for increasing the flowability of powdery products.