Footwear Adhesives

NEOSTIK footwear adhesives for less demanding bonding

One-component adhesives based on natural rubber or latex for less demanding bondings of natural materials before sewing, in the manufacture of shoe uppers, fancy goods, and other footwear with rubber or latex soles.

footwearNEOSTIK adhesives based on polychloroprene for different bondings in the manufacture of footwear and handbags

These universal adhesives are based on neoprene rubber for bonding leather, rubber, canvas, wood as well as the insoles of different materials. There are several different types of adhesives that are distinguished in particular by the viscosity and open time. This satisfies a variety of requirements and adhesive technologies encountered by the industry.

NEOSTIK polyurethane assembling adhesive

They are designed for demanding bonding various kinds of rubber, leather, thermoplastic materials, hard and soft PVC, polyurethane with the addition of HARDENER FE they can be used as two-component adhesives.

Other adhesives and auxiliary products for the footwear industry

Special adhesives are developed for impregnating and dipping of heel counters of leather materials. Cleaners and halogenating agents are intended for surface preparation prior to bonding thermoplastic materials. Some other special products can be used also for the finishing of the product and designs of the leather itself, to improve the appearance of the end product/foot wear.