Strong, fast, versatile and durable elastic adhesive for fastening, fixing and bonding on all surfaces and most construction materials. It does not slip in vertical joints and it can be painted. It can be applied also onto slightly damp surfaces. It prevents the formation of mould and it’s UV stable. Highly resistant to atmospheric conditions and aging, not corrosive and non-staining. Resistant also to vibration.

APPLICATION: Various bonding in construction, household (bathrooms, kitchens), for gluing mirrors, window sills, slats, ceramic tiles, signs and tiles. For sealing and bonding various materials in the automotive industry, metal construction, shipbuilding, siloses, tanks, containers and vacuum systems.


concrete, brick, wood, marble, plaster, ceramic, chipboard and plywood, cork, aluminum, iron, brass, painted sheet metal, glass, plexiglass, stirodur, styrofoam, PVC, ABS and certain types of plastic.

PACKING: 290 ml