1 product for 1000 coatings: Neostik FIX & SEAL for all surfaces

November 2020 – The time when we are limited to our apartment or house due to Covid-19 is perfect for doing house repairs that we have been putting off for months, if not even years. Repairs inside and outside our home, holiday home or motorhome and elsewhere can be done successfully  even in the slightly colder months, but the air temperature must be at least 5 °C. Neostik FIX & SEAL FOR ALL SURFACES can be used as a sealant for inside and outside walls and facades, as a sealant for joints in toilets and, for example, also as a sealant for sealing walking surfaces outside and inside.

The use of Neostik FIX & SEAL FOR ALL SURFACES is the right choice for this type of job. It is waterproof, can be dried on wet surfaces and in humid environments. The versatile and permanently elastic adhesive sealant provides excellent adhesion to all surfaces and also to most building materials. It has excellent mechanical properties and can be painted. It can even be applied to slightly damp surfaces, as it effectively prevents the formation of mould. It is environmentally friendly and UV stable and also resistant to atmospheric influences and anti-aging. It does not cause corrosion and does not leave stains. It is also resistant to vibrations. All these characteristics make Neostik FIX & SEAL FOR ALL SURFACES an indispensable product for repairs. In addition, it has several additional advantages that make it especially popular with users:

  • hardens quickly,
  • allows wet on wet painting,
  • does not contain isocinates, solvents or silicones,
  • does not contract and does not form blisters, and
  • contains a sanitary formulation.


Thanks to the rich knowledge in the Helios Group, we perform complex tests in our state-of-the-art R&D laboratories. We pay a lot of attention to the adhesion of our products to various coatings. Based on our experience and testing, we can ensure excellent adhesion of Neostik FIX & SEAL FOR ALL SURFACES on a variety of coated substrates.

Some examples:1 – Water-based wood coating ǀ 2 – Solvent-based wood coating ǀ 3 – Water-based metal enamel ǀ 4 – Synthetic paint for sheet metal ǀ 5 – Powder paint for aluminum ǀ 6 – Water-based body paint  ǀ 7 – Facade paint  ǀ 8 – Acrylic paint for concrete  ǀ 9 – Flexible membrane

Neostik FIX & SEAL FOR ALL SURFACES is used for external and internal sealing of expansion joints and penetrations (construction, floors, and facades), for joints between window frames, doors, gypsum boards and concrete elements. It is also very suitable for sealing and gluing various materials in the automotive industry, metal structures, shipbuilding, siloses, tanks, containers, vacuum systems and for gluing windowsills, slats, and roof tiles.

Before starting work, clean the surfaces to be glued or sealed of all impurities (oils, grease, paint, and varnish residues), remove dust and dry. Use a hand or air gun for cartridges. Before extrusion, mount plastic attachment on the cartridge. You can cut it off according to your choice, depending on the width of the gap, which you want to seal, or the complexity of gluing. If you have not completely used up all the sealant from the cartridge, you need to close the plastic attachment at the top. In case it is necessary to smooth the sealing layer after sealing, you must do when the formation of the cuticle begins (up to 10 min / 25 °C / 50% moisture). Neostik FIX & SEAL FOR ALL SURFACES can also be painted. You can paint surfaces immediately after the formation of the cuticle begins. We recommend you do a preliminary test.

Neostik FIX & SEAL FOR ALL SURFACES meets all requirements for construction products in accordance with the CE mark, which confirms that we have performed conformity assessment procedures for the product and that the product meets all EU requirements for safety and health and environmental protection.