How do we repair jewelry ourselves?

 July 2022 – Some of you have probably already encountered a situation when the clasp of your favorite piece of jewelry broke off, a large knot was created on the chain, a stone fell off a ring or earrings, and the like. Damaged pieces of jewelry end up in the trash or are kept in some remote drawer for months, if not years before we finally decide to take them in for repair.

Let us comfort you. You do not need experts or jewelers for just about any jewelry repair; Some repairs to rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings can be done yourself. A broken loop from an earring, a dropped stone, a knotted chain, and similar repairs can easily be done at home.


A fallen stone

Even jewelry decorated with rhinestones, whether from cheaper cubic zirconia, semi-precious stones or diamonds, can fall apart or become damaged. Most often, a stone falls off, but this does not mean that your jewelry is now destroyed and you have to say goodbye to it… With the help of epoxy glue, you can quickly attach the fallen stone back to the jewelry.


To repair jewelry you need:

– Damaged jewelry

– A fallen pebble

– Tweezers

Neostik Epoxy Super 5 epoxy glue

Prepare damaged jewelry for repair. Before applying glue to it, clean it if necessary. If it is a small hole, in which you will attach the stone again, you can use a toothpick or a thin brush to help apply the glue. In this way, you will prevent the glue from spilling over the surface of the jewelry.

Apply Neostik Epoxy Super 5 epoxy glue into the hole, then carefully place the fallen stone into the hole using tweezers. Leave the jewelry for at least 10 minutes to allow the epoxy to dry and create a strong and durable bond. You can also attach other pieces of jewelry that may have fallen off in the same way.


An earring clip or hanger fell out of its setting

It is completely usual for earrings to fall apart during use, especially if they are made of modeling mass to which the earring hanger is attached at the back. Otherwise, even pearl earrings are no exception, as usually the pendant is poorly attached.


To repair earrings you need:

– An earring

– New earring hanger or clip

Neostik Epoxy Super 5 epoxy glue

You can buy a new earring hanger at any specialty store that sells crafting materials. Repairing earrings on which the pendant has been damaged or has fallen off is easy. All you need besides a new hanger is the right glue.

Neostik Epoxy Super 5 fast curing two-component epoxy adhesive provides a strong and durable bond. The hardened adhesive layer is resistant to water, oil, and many chemicals, including perfumes.

Just be careful when applying; do not apply too much glue, as it will spill over the surface of the earring when attaching the new hanger. If this happens, we advise you to wipe off the excess glue as quickly as possible. Once the glue has dried and the new hanger is properly attached, you can happily wear the earrings again.