How to decorate a blank wall: 5 ideas to make your walls look beautiful

January 2022 – Most people prefer a white wall for their home, as this light and airy look matches almost any style of interior design. Sometimes though, white can make walls look too simple and even cold. Luckily, there is no need to repaint the whole room to create a different feel.

Wall decorations can do the job. Whether you hang an oversized artwork, a large mirror, or a few floating shelves, adding eye-catching elements to a blank wall will make your home more beautiful, warmer, and friendlier. It is also a great opportunity to add colour, texture, and personality to a space.


You might be a world traveler looking to create a gallery with photos from your travels. Or perhaps your eclectic wall hangings communicate your creative side. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to renovating a space. Here are just five elegant ways to decorate a blank wall.

Wallpaper with a brick wall motif

Why not add bricks to a wall in your living room or study to replicate an old attic or home? This brick wall will not require breaking plaster or making a mess. Putting up wallpaper is straightforward, as well as affordable, an added bonus! If you’re not a fan of red brick, don’t worry. Grey, black, and brown brick wallpapers are also available.


Bohemian handwoven baskets or trays

Fans of the bohemian style will be thrilled by this inspired way to decorate a blank wall. You can find wicker baskets in furniture and home decoration stores, at a flea market, and at a dry goods store. Wicker baskets and trays are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. Selected handwoven baskets can be glued to the wall using Neostik FIX & SEAL FOR ALL SURFACES. Hold the object against the wall for a while to ensure proper adhesion. Use mounting adhesive Neostik FIX EXPRESS to attach heavier objects.


A map of the world

Travel enthusiasts can decorate a blank wall with a map of the world, where you can mark the countries and places you have visited.


3D decorative wall elements made of styrofoam

To brighten up a wall surface, you can also apply 3D decorative wall elements made of styrofoam to part of the wall or to the entire surface, using mounting adhesive Neostik FIX FOR STYROPOR .


A black and white picture gallery

Hang your favourite black and white paintings or photos on a large white wall to create the illusion of an enormous piece of art, and provide a beautiful view onto what was an empty wall.