How you can use cork in your home in an attractive way

June 2022 – Surely you have already noticed a cork board in some specialized store that sells products for home decoration, creation and the like. At first glance, brown cork boards of different dimensions seem quite boring, but they can still be used in different ways.

Easy wall decoration: cork hexagons

Want to break a boring white wall in an apartment or house in an easy and affordable way? With the help of cork you can make use of and decorate an empty wall space.


To make cork hexagons you need:

– Cork boards (the number of these depends on your wishes)

– Stanley knife

– Pencil

– Ruler


First, draw hexagon on the cork boards with a pencil and ruler. This will determine the desired size. If hexagons are not close to your heart, or you think that they will not look nice in your room, you can of course opt for other geometric shapes. Using a stanley knife, cut out the drawn shapes from the cork boards. The number of cut shapes depends on how many cork boards you want to attach to the wall. You can opt for only a few panels, and for greater effect, glue most of the wall. No matter how many panels you attach to the wall, we can assure you that the transformation of the wall will turn out straight unique, as well as a little unusual. Once you have cut the cork boards, attach them to the wall with Neostik adhesive sealant for all substrates.


Jewelry hanging and storage space: hanging cork board

Maybe you are facing the problem of tangled necklaces and bracelets that are quite annoying or even difficult to untangle? With the help of a cork board, you can easily solve this “entanglement” and, best of all, you don’t need many things to make it!

To make a cork board for hanging jewelry pieces, you need:

– Cork board

– Nails


In a specialty store, choose a cork board that you like. Also consider the number of necklaces or jewelry you want to hang. Then attach the cork board to the wall with Neostik adhesive sealant for all substrates. Once the adhesive sealant has dried, you can use pins to hang your favorite pieces of jewelry. If you do not like the colour of the cork, you can also paint it, or draw a cute motif that will match the room in which the jewelry board will hang. If you have heavier jewelry or want to hang rings as well, you can attach a string to the cork board and hang smaller decorative clips on it. You can buy decorative clips in larger florist shops or creative goods shops. Then attach the selected jewelry to the clips, which will now safely and without complications wait for the moment when you choose to wear it.


Stylistic transformation of cork boards

If you already have a classic cork board at home, you can give it a minor stylistic transformation with the help of a fabric to your liking, which will be significantly more attractive to the eye and will express your personal style.


To stylishly transform your cork board, you need:

– Classic cork board

– Nice frame (if you have a board without a frame)

– Measuring tape

– Textile material or fabric

– Scissors

– Brush

– Color

Adhesive Neostik UNIVERSAL

Before you go hunting for the right fabric, measure the size of the board to buy a large enough piece of fabric. Thousands of different colours, patterns and motifs are available in fabric stores. You can choose a colour that will go with the furniture in your room, or something more daring; a colourful pattern that will bring energy and colour to the room. Then get to work. You can repaint the frame of the cork board or use one that you like. Cut the fabric to the size of the cork surface. Then apply adhesive Neostik UNIVERSAL on the cork. Use a brush for easier and even application. Then place the fabric carefully on the base. If you have a frameless board, fasten it at the end with adhesive Neostik UNIVERSAL. Along the inner edge of the frame, you can add nets, buttons, coloured ribbons and similar accessories that will enliven the redesigned cork board. Once everything is dry, hang photos, schedules, recipes, motivational thoughts, and other reminders on the board.


If you are not the most enthusiastic about this idea, you can opt for an easier approach. Paint the cork or just the individual parts with the shade of your choice. Here again, you can play with different shapes that you can cut out of cork, which you can arrange differently on the wall at the end when the paint dries.