Modern room decoration in a very short time

February 2021 – We are slowly saying goodbye to winter and are already looking forward to spring. Because of the pandemic, we are still mostly tied to our homes, and therefore here and there tempted to change and enrich our home a bit. We can do this ourselves with a small financial investment. We suggest that you decorate the walls or ceiling in your house or apartment with decorative elements made of Styrofoam, which are very easy to install.

Styrofoam has proven to be very versatile. The most common uses of Styrofoam that come to mind are the use of Styrofoam in the insulation and protection of objects during shipping or transport. Due to its light weight, it is very suitable for making various wall coverings that do not require solid anchoring in order to remain attached to the wall.

3D wall panels

3D wall panels allow you to cover large wall areas and completely change the overall look of the room. They can be installed in the living room, hallway, bedroom, or children’s room, but they are also suitable for business premises, hotels, restaurants; in short, 3D wall panels are versatile and very popular now. They give the room a completely unique look. Once mounted on the wall, you can also paint them with your favorite colour. In addition to the aesthetic value, 3D panels also offer sound and heat insulation, so by fixing them you will kill two birds with one stone.


Ceiling wreaths and rosettes

Forms of ceiling decoration in the form of a wreath or ring are becoming increasingly popular in our country as well.


Wall and ceiling decorative profiles

The straight lines of the decorative profiles allow us to use them for a wide variety of purposes. Most often we use them as finishing decorative slats between the ceiling and the wall. We use wall and ceiling decorative profiles in smaller sizes in smaller rooms, and we can opt for larger sizes for the decoration of larger rooms without any worries.


Cut-out shapes

Special shapes, especially from the world of nature and geometric patterns become three-dimensional wall art. They stand out especially elegantly on the wall, painted with a contrasting colour.


If you want to fix Styrofoam decorative elements to a wall or ceiling, the adhesive with which you will be gluing must have the optimal holding power at dead load. In addition to gluing various elements with the greatest strength, in order to meet the aesthetic requirements of such decoration projects in the apartment, the glue must of course also be invisible to the naked eye. The best adhesive for a particular attachment will largely depend on the weight, size, and surface properties of the elements to be glued.


Neostik FIX FOR STYROFOAM is designed for quick installation of Styrofoam elements on absorbent substrates. It has a very good grip and does not slump in joints on vertical surfaces. It can be painted, it does not cause corrosion, it does not stain, and is resistant to ageing. We use it for bonding, fixing, and gluing decorative elements made of Styrofoam, EPS and XPS to most absorbent building materials. The product is suitable for indoor use.


The surfaces to be glued must be clean, dry, and free of oil stains. We use a cartridge gun. Before extruding, we mount a plastic attachment on the cartridge, which can be cut off according to the desired application width. We recommend testing the adhesion to the surface before use. When gluing, apply the glue in horizontal lines (spacing 10–20 cm) or in dots.

Adhesion to highly absorbent surfaces can be improved with a primer (1 part glue + 2 parts water). To achieve good adhesion properties, we recommend that the layer of adhesive between the surfaces is not thinner than 2-3 mm. Due to the extremely high bonding strength, additional fastening is not required in most cases.


The adhesive starts to harden after approx. 5 minutes, and it is completely cured in 1-5 days depending on the temperature, humidity, and the thickness of the sealing joint. If we have not used up all the sealant from the cartridge, we have to close the plastic nozzle at the top of the opening with sealing tape or other convenient means. The uncured adhesive can be cleaned with water, and the already hardened mass can only be removed mechanically.

The surface of the adhesive can be painted with most water-based coatings, as well as with two-component coating systems. We recommend that you start painting your new decoration when the surface is completely cured, otherwise cracks may appear. We recommend a preliminary test on a small area.

Of course, the decoration of walls and ceilings with decorative elements made of Styrofoam is also possible when renovating an apartment. Such a renovated apartment gets a special aesthetic and elegant added value.