Neostik launches two new products in spring

March 2018 – Neostik sales force is on the field all the time and they have detected new opportunities for sales so we prepared two products, which are already in stock for orders:

Neostik SILICONE SANITAR in transparent and white colour comes now also in smaller, handy 60 ml tube on blister packaging for small-scale works and repairs. It is ideal for mounting, glazing and sealing joints where there is a possibility of mould development (e.g. bathroom, moist places). Moreover, it has excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials: aluminium, ceramics, glass, glazed surfaces, profiled glass (kopelit), clinker, porcelain, various types of plastics and coatings. It is highly resistant to mould, UV light, ageing, and a wide range of chemicals. No slumping in joints on vertical surfaces and complete waterproof protection.

Neostik EPOXY PUTTY, a fast 2-component solvent-free adhesive/sealant has been upgraded to suit the needs of our trading partners and end users.
It is now available in practical packaging of 24 pieces of 57g Neostik EPOXY PUTTY products in the carton. Each product is packed in a tube with insert containing complete product information. The cardboard is at the same time also a small POS desk stand, owing to the fact that it can be easily assembled and displayed on the sales desk.
This strong EP putty we use to seal cracks, quick repairs of pipes, radiators and tanks, anchoring screws, etc. It hardens even on damp surfaces and under water and bonds materials as metal, stone, marble and concrete.