August 2022 – Do you want to flawlessly polish your oldtimer? Or finally polish the chrome handles or the stove in the kitchen to a shine, the brass candlestick, or even the cutlery? With PUROL polishing paste, this is an easy job.

PUROL is a universal soft polishing paste for metals. It is used to polish, remove rust, and clean the surfaces of various metals: copper, brass, chrome, zinc, nickel, aluminum, etc. The paste is also suitable for polishing enameled objects and hard plastics. The paste restores polished objects to their original high gloss.


Polishing the chrome parts of the oldtimer

PUROL is a polishing paste that can be used on your oldtimer to eliminate discolouration on the exhaust caused by heat, rust, and oxidation. Dusky spots on uncoated metal can be removed with PUROL polishing paste.


The chrome and stainless parts on the oldtimer that can be polished with PUROL soft polishing paste are:

  • chrome parts (e.g. chrome mirrors),
  • chrome parts in the interior of the oldtimer,
  • bezels at the headlights,
  • window frames,
  • decorative moldings.


Other uses of PUROL soft polishing paste

PUROL is so versatile that it can also be used for many other cleaning purposes.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for sinks, appliances, mixing bowls, metal railings, and more. Its strength, durability, and shine are widely appreciated, but this material needs to be maintained to always look like new.

Don’t forget: PUROL also cleans and polishes other metals such as copper, brass, chrome, zinc, nickel, aluminum, etc. With it, you can effortlessly polish candlesticks, cutlery, pots, cafeterias, kitchen hoods, water kettles, stainless steel surrounds of built-in stoves, wheels, and many other things in your apartment to a high shine.

The paste is not suitable for polishing car paint.

Polishing process

Apply PUROL universal polishing paste to a soft cloth (cotton, cotton wool) and polish the objects by hand to a high gloss. You will achieve a better effect with multiple smaller applications of the polishing paste. We recommend working at room temperature. After finishing polishing, remove the residue and traces of the paste with the help of a clean soft cloth/cotton.


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