Quick refreshment of your bathroom

September 2020 – Even if you are living in a newer house or apartment, it can happen that the bathroom needs refreshment. Usually, we want to make a quick update, especially if we rent an apartment, or in case we intend to rent or sell it, as well as if we know that we will not be renovating our bathroom in the near future. Nothing reduces the value and attractiveness of your home like an unmaintained bathroom. However, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money in a quick refreshment. A little paint, silicone and glue, and adding also some new decorative elements will suffice, and your bathroom can shine again in just a couple of days.

In the event that mold and other impurities appear in the joints of the sink or the bathtub, or if fillers fall out of the joints between the tiles, the old silicone must be removed and replaced with a new one.


Neostik SILIKON SANITAR is almost indispensable in the bathroom, as it is resistant to mold and thus ensures that the joints between tiles and the sink or bathtub will not leak water. If we want to seal the joints of the tiles with a bathtub or sink, we must first clean the surface thoroughly and cover the joints on both sides with protective tape. Then, using a silicon gun, apply the silicone evenly to the joints. The fresh mass can be easily shaped with the help of a finger or surface trowels, which we have previously moistened with water. The silicone hardens in a few minutes after application.


For major repairs, where we need to replace the silicone in the joints between the tub and the wall, we apply Neostik SILIKON SANITAR in a cartridge, which is applied with a silicone gun. For small, so-called cosmetic repairs, when we only need to slightly repair the existing joint, we use Neostik SILIKON SANITAR in a convenient 60 ml tube for manual application.


Parts of the walls that are not tiled, we paint. Painting your bathroom walls is the easiest and most affordable way to give your bathroom a new, fresh look. Moreover, nothing makes a bigger impact than wall colour. This is especially true for smaller bathrooms, usually very limited by the possibility of adding decorative furniture or accessories. SPEKTRA Kitchen & Bathroom, paint for kitchens and bathrooms is intended for painting the walls of rooms in which an increased amount of water vapor can cause the development of harmful microorganisms (e.g. kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, dryers, etc.,). Biocidal film protection inhibits the formation of condensation, has a pleasant smell (pine) and is resistant to dry wiping – washability class 5 (EN 13 300). It has high coverage and is environmentally friendly.

If we need to repair a fallen-out tile and fasten it back in place, the right choice for this kind of work is Neostik EKSPRES MOUNTING ADHESIVE.


A strong, fast, versatile and durable elastic adhesive for attaching, fixing and gluing to all surfaces can be applied also to slightly damp surfaces. It prevents the formation of mold and is also extremely suitable for attaching a new mirror in the bathroom.


Of course, we can attach also several small mirrors to the wall and thus optically enlarge the space. Neostik EKSPRES MOUNTING ADHESIVE also effectively glues the slats of the door that have fallen off, the hooks for bathroom towels, as well as the hooks for children’s towels and bathrobes.


To fill cracks or repair chipped corners, we use Neostik AKRIL acrylic putty. This acrylic-based sealant is the right choice when we need to re-seal the joints between walls, gypsum boards and concrete elements, as well as cracks in the repair of windows and doors. It is suitable for repairing and filling cracks in plaster and masonry, for finishing gaps between shelves and walls and roller shutter boxes. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, plaster, gypsum boards, bricks, wood, foam concrete and ceramic tiles.