Technical Starches

Starches for paper making

For manufacturers of paper and cardboard we offer a variety of starch additives and special starches that give the final product all the required properties.

Starch additives for enhancing of the mechanical properties of paper and cardboard such as PAPIRAN SKM-42, PAPIRAN SKP-42 and PAPIRAN SKW-42 are produced on the basis of different natural products such as corn, potatoes and wheat.

Starch additives for improving of the surface properties of paper such as DOMAPRET MO-20 and DOMAPRET MO-30 improve the appearance, printing properties as well as the resistance of the coated surfaces against splitting. Native CORN STARCH takes care of the enzymatic degradation of starch.

Special starch DOMKOP WSP-21 is used as a spacer in microcapsule coatings for self-copying papers while DOMALIN PG-4 is acetylated starch is intended for the production of adhesive tapes.


We offer DELIKOL ST-16 and DELIKOL BT, which are used as binders in making charcoal briquettes used for grilling and cooking.

As a binder in the production of wood pellets, based on hardwood, we offer CORN STARCH.

We also offer different BINDERS especially for foundry and for making certain types of adhesives. Binders are made of hydrolytically and thermally decomposed corn or potato starch, which can also be used in other industry branches.