Wood and Furniture Adhesives

LIGNOFIX dispersion adhesives

All LIGNOFIX dispersion adhesives for wood satisfy D2, D3 or D4 standards DIN EN 204 and DIN EN 14257 (WATT 91). Choosing the type of adhesive will depend on the complexity of the product to be bonded, on the adhesive technology and the types of wood. Professional users very often decide to use adhesive D3 standard (Lignofix VO TIP-3 and Lignofix D3) as it can be used for block board jointing and finger jointing, as well as for all kinds of woodworking joinery.

  • For the production of carpentry it is recommended to use a one or a two-component glue
    D4 (Lignofix VO TIP-4 or Lignofix D4 / 1K)
  • For bonding in high frequency presses it is recommended to use glue Lignofix VF

LIGNOFIX1 K UREA – formaldehyde adhesive LIGNOFIX UF

Adhesive Lignofix UF is used for veneering and multi-ply bonding of all types of boards. It contains less than 0,75 ppm formaldehyde, therefore it meets the E1 standard.

HELIOMELT hot melts for woodworking

HELIOMELT hot melts for woodworking are specially conceived for edge banding, soft forming and profile wrapping. There are types of hot melts with and without fillers, and for the production line of different speeds.


HELIOTAK adhesives for membrane and vacuum presses are designed for surface layering in the furniture industry.


NEOSTIK PUR are one-component reactive polyurethane adhesives which are suitable for structural bonding of different materials and particularly bonding of insulation in panels. This adhesive comes in different types, which differ in open times, which are between 5 and 60 minutes, and also in drying time.