3 ideas for holiday greeting cards

November 2021 – In the lead up to the festive holidays, many of us will be feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of buying gifts for friends and family.  We often forget one of the most wonderful holiday traditions – sending greeting cards to family members, friends and acquaintances. Instead of buying cards this year, you can make them yourself or together with your children.

Making cards does not have to be difficult or time-consuming.  All you need to create a beautiful greeting card is a touch of artistic inspiration. You can choose from many types of paper, fabrics, glues, colours, and more. The possibilities are practically endless.

A 3D paper Christmas tree

Crafting a greeting card adorned with a 3D Christmas tree might seem like a highly technical task. But it’s not! It is actually straightforward.


To make your tree you will need:

You can use plain white or coloured paper for your 3D paper Christmas tree. Cut your paper into five squares of different sizes. There should be a 1 cm difference between the sizes. Fold each cut square in half, then fold the top two sides again towards the middle to make a triangle. Repeat this with each square until you have five triangles of different sizes; these are the components for your 3D tree. Arrange all five triangles by size on the thicker paper, which is folded in half. This is the base of your greeting card. Use the Neostik UNIVERSAL TRANSPARENT adhesive to glue all the tree triangles to the folded base and wait a few minutes for them to dry and adhere firmly to the paper base. You can decorate the front of your greeting card using coloured pens or glitter glue. Draw snowflakes, stars, ornaments, or put a Christmas star on the top of the tree. Finally, write a beautiful message on the inside.

Festive motifs from buttons

Holiday greeting cards with motifs or button decorations are really easy to craft. You won’t need much to make them. Just find some buttons and a spot of inspiration!


To make your motifs you will need:

  • Thicker coloured paper
  • Buttons (any size and colour)
  • Collage
  • Coloured pens
  • Neostik UNIVERSAL adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

First prepare the base of your greeting card. Fold the thicker paper down the middle. You can sketch your chosen motif on the front of your greeting card using a pencil, or create the image without a pre-drawn motif. Then start gluing the buttons to the paper base. Glue them using Neostik UNIVERSAL adhesive. Once the buttons are properly glued to the base, you can draw a variety of shapes and motifs around them for an even more festive card. You can also use coloured paper or collage for various decorations. For example, cut a Christmas tree out of coloured paper and stick buttons of different sizes to represent Christmas decorations or lights.

Turn the buttons into a snowman, or use a large red one for Rudolf the reindeer’s nose. You can use your art for the gift tags.


Santa’s beard or hat

Are you looking for the simplest idea for a holiday greeting card? Then our next suggestion is the one for you. You will need just a few minutes.


To make the card you will need:

First prepare the base of your greeting card. Fold the thicker paper down the middle. On the front of your greeting card, cut out and assemble a motif of Santa or Santa’s red hat from the coloured paper or collage. Use Neostik UNIVERSAL adhesive to glue the coloured paper onto the surface.  Then tear the cotton wool and use Neostik AQUA BOND UNIVERSAL adhesive for wood to glue it to the base, either as Santa’s beard or hat. The choice of motif is completely up to you of course! You can create snow-covered trees, a snowy landscape or a snowman from the cotton wool.

Whatever materials and motifs you choose for your greeting card, one thing is certain. The fact that it is homemade will bring holiday cheer to whoever receives it!