Neostik with new image and new product lines in DIY stores

August 2017 – Past six months have been really challenging for Kemostik. Having started as a manufacturer and supplier of adhesives we evolved into a partner for comprehensive solutions of gluing, fixing and sealing. Three new product groups were launched, completing our product portfolio: fix & seal products, silicone and acrylic sealants and polyurethane foams. This range of products are aimed at accommodating our customers with the most efficient and high quality affordable solutions for all kinds of gluing, fastening, fixing, sealing and filling for DIY and for professional use. With our Super Neo, a super hero who solves all the challenges of gluing, bonding and sealing, we are reaching out to our youngest audience. Knowing that Neostik is a very well known brand among the population +45, Super Neo is primarily addressing younger generations.

According to our sales plan we completed equipping Merkur DIY stores in Slovenia (mostly Merkur Mojster) with specially designed POS shelves. On 4th April the first Neostik XL POS shelf was set up, followed by 11 other Merkur stores. On each POS shelf our entire portfolio is on offer, including all 21 new products. To achieve a full market coverage we are currently in the process of negotiating with other Slovenian DIY retailers.

For the additional sales boost in Merkur stores we designed a special counter stand for Universal glues in 50 ml tube packing. These 42 stands are positioned in all Merkur stores (23), directly at the checkout area at the cashier desks, promoting spontaneous purchases.

Our sales force successfully negotiated for the new and rebranded Neostik products to be sold in HG Trade DIY retail stores Mavrica, a significant player in the market. The first Mavrica shop selling the new Neostik products is the Mavrica Rudnik store, having started with sales on 5th June.

Our activities will definitely not remain limited to the Slovenian market; the same activities are planned or already being carried out in the markets of the SE Balkans. In the Italian market the Neostik products are being sold in smaller private DIY shops, with focus on the new product lines: fix & seal products, silicone and acrylic sealants and polyurethane foams. A specially designed POS shelf is therefore smaller and more rigid, with fixed positions for each separate product line.

Now we can freely and proudly say that we have made the next big step towards a complete rebranding and enlarging our product portfolio. These two projects go hand in hand and are welcomed with great approval of our partners and customers.